Best Coffee Cake Cupcake Recipe 

These scrumptious, moist, and fluffy Coffee Cake Cupcakes are the ideal sweets for any event you can think of. 

Have all of your ingredients prepared so that you can make these mouthwatering sweets right away. 

Baking powder and/or baking soda are included in the dough, which is responsible for the lightness of the traditional cakes. 

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Additionally, butter and eggs are included, which contribute to the crumb's softness, sweetness, and richness. 

Other components often consist of sugar, vanilla essence (although cinnamon may be substituted for it on occasion),  

lemon zest, or citron peel garnish; raisins are frequently utilized after being soaked in water, 

In spite of the fact that it often does not include coffee, it is referred to as coffee cake since it is served WITH coffee. 

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