Easy Last-Minute Cake Recipes 

Make use of a white or yellow cake mix and incorporate three tablespoons of baking cocoa into the mixture if you do not have a chocolate cake mix. 

the author Fay Moreland, from Wichita Falls, TexasHere is a recipe for peach dump cake that is among the very best in the entire globe. 

It is a cake that is sweet and soft, and it has a cobbler topping that is deliciously crisp.  

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To make dessert even more delicious, serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. 

This sheet cake is ideal for having a large number of people consume it.  

Because it is so well preserved, you can easily cook it a day in advance, and it will still retain its juicy texture. 

I frequently bring it to church potlucks, but I have not yet brought a significant amount of it home with me. 

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