Fast Food Restaurants Serving Fish during Lent 

As a result of this, McDonald's continues to offer the Filet-O-Fish on its menu. 

Panko crumbs are used to bread the 100% white Alaskan Pollock that is used to make 

the Big Fish Sandwich at Burger King, which is a deliciously crunchy treat. 

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On a brioche bun that is as soft as a pillow, it is finished off with a creamy tartar sauce and pickles that have a tangy flavor.  

Naturally, if you are not interested in eating meat, you can also choose to go with the Impossible Whopper. 

The Popeyes Flounder Sandwich, much like the restaurant's well-known Chicken Sandwich, 

is served on a brioche bun that is topped with pickles and butter. 

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