favorite extrovert dogs 

Even while it would be natural to believe that the ideal dog for an extrovert would be one that is also an extrovert,  

it is important to note that both extroverted and timid dogs can be fantastic choices for an extrovert. 

The breed that you go with is mostly determined by the type of extrovert that you are and the activities that you take pleasure in doing in your spare time.  

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If you are someone who thrives on huge gatherings and enjoys spending hours in busy parks where you can throw toys for your furry friend, 

then a breed that is friendly and playful and gets along well with everyone 

from strangers to children, has the potential to be an excellent acquisition for you. 

The good news is that regardless of the type of extrovert you are, there is a dog out there that is a perfect match for your personality.  

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