Never Buy These Candy Brands 

We are all fond of sweets. When we consume it, it has a pleasant flavor and a sweet taste.  

In the same vein, we like eating our favorite candy the most. Hershey's is a chocolate bar that is absolutely delicious to devour. 

Not only that, but the sensation of biting into that Reese's chocolate cup is unlike any other.  

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All of these sweets are scrumptious, and they are among the most delectable and sugary snacks that you can consume. 

However, there are other candy brands that are not worth purchasing. In your neighborhood 7-Eleven, you have most certainly seen these brands. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, all of these candies are not only delicious but also extremely harmful to your health. 

A number of the sweets that are included on this list are the result of polls that were compiled by CandyStore. 

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