Outstanding Pasta Recipes 

Moreover, it is simple to modify. Replace the chicken for shrimp, add the vegetables that you enjoy the most, 

and alter the level of spiciness to suit the preferences of your family. 

A combination of ground beef, sausage, and chicken is used to make my hearty ragu.  

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Polenta, whether baked or fried, can be served with it, as well as any form of pasta.  

You can even have it on its own with a slice of garlic bread that has been toasted and buttered. 

This delightful Caprese macaroni salad is one of my favorite dishes to make during the summer months, 

If you can believe it, it tastes exactly like a bacon cheeseburger, and it is much simpler for my younger children to appreciate than the traditional cheeseburger. 

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