RECORD You need a high IQ to figure out who caused the skidmarks, but everyone can see them. 

Outside of a restaurant, the cartoon depicts two men bickering with each other. 

As a result of the collision with the restaurant, one of the drivers is now pointing the finger of blame at the other driver. 

There are shards of glass, chairs and tables that are sloppy, and skid marks scattered around the picture. 

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Additionally, readers of The United States Sun have attempted a number of additional optical illusion games. 

In this picture, everyone sees a tree and two heads that are facing each other, but some people can perceive a number of other faces as well. 

One can determine which vehicle was involved in the collision by examining the specifics of the vehicle. 

The skid marks contain a complex tread pattern on the tire, which includes a point in the middle that is surrounded by two dashes. 

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