Strawberry Desserts to Love 

Due to the fact that my husband and I became engaged on Valentine's Day, the event holds a special significance for our family.  

Every year, we go all out with lavish sweets and go all out. Kara Cook, who is from Elk Ridge, Utah, makes the following prediction: 

"This fruity treat will be a delight for those who enjoy cheesecake and strawberries. 

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" Every year, during strawberry season, my family makes a request for this sweet pizza. 

For the sake of getting a little bit closer to all of those servings that you need each day, I toss in some additional fruit. 

You might also experiment with using fruit and puddings of varying flavors in order to make the recipe more interesting.  

After deciding that I wanted to make a cookie that had chocolate-covered strawberries, I began experimenting with shortbread ingredients.  

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